Zoning and Bus Transport

Burwood East Special Developmental School, like most specialist schools, does not have a designated neighbourhood zone. We follow the Department of Education and Training's guidance that parents send their child to the most suitable public school closest to where they live.

Burwood East Special Developmental School does, however, have an enforced Designated Transport Area (DTA). A student eligible for enrolment must also reside within the DTA to be considered for the DET bus transport to and from school.

IMPORTANT - the Department of Education and Training strictly enforces the DTA boundaries - Burwood East Special Developmental School has no discretionary powers in this respect. You are advised to contact us at school if you have a question about the DTA or to check if your home address is within the boundary.

REMEMBER - if you move outside of our DTA during your child's enrolment at Burwood East Special Developmental School they will no longer have access to the bus service to and from school.

Please CLICK HERE to view a map of the DTA for Burwood East Special Developmental School.